Agenda: May 1st 2018



Andrea Servida, Head of  Unit at the European Commission, DG-CONNECT, for "eGovernment and Trust", will open the day's proceeding by video link from Brussels.


An Introduction to FutureTrust and eIDAS

Jon Shamah, Chair of EEMA, FutureTrust lead on Dissemination and Communication


FutureTrust Foundations and Design

Carl-Markus Piswanger , Austrian State Computing Centre, BRZ. - FutureTrust Partner

12:00 - 15:15

Networking Lunch and Conference Keynote

Network during lunch, see the rest of Connect:ID, and hear the keynotes..


International Cross-Border Trust

Matt King, Director of SAFE-Biopharma. - FutureTrust Associate Partner


FutureTrust Pilots.

Carl-Markus Piswanger, Austrian State Computing Center, BRZ - FutureTrust Partner


Associate Partner Use Case: Azerbaijan Government Digital Trading Hub

Yana Krimpe, CEO of B.est Solutions, Azerbaijan - Associate Partner


How to engage with FutureTrust?

Jon Shamah, Chair of EEMA, FutureTrust lead on Dissemination and Communication

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On the 'Knowledge Exchange' stage

LIGHTest Events

connect:ID brings together
government and industry, suppliers
and buyers, thought leaders and end
users. More than 1,400 attendees
are expected and the far-reaching
contacts of organisers Science
Media Partners and the International
Biometrics + Identity Association
(IBIA), ensure that the people you
want to meet will be at connect:ID.

Learn about FutureTrust
FutureTrust will be presenting
solutions to enable you to bring
eIDAS connectivity to your
applications and showcasing pilots
of the project. Many speakers will
discuss both business and technical
aspects of Futuretrust, as well as
explaining the crucial need for crossborder

Engage with FutureTrust

Get to know how to engage with FutureTrust and how to become involved with the project and its 
development. Join the FutureTrust Community and participate in technical workshops, meetings, and 
the development process.
FutureTrust has many alternative
avenues to engagement.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 700542

To register for Connect:ID, please use this link: