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FutureTrust is delighted to welcome Associate Partners to the project to contribute their expertise and to making FutureTrust an even greater success.

United States

Kantara Initiative provides strategic vision and real world innovation for the digital identity transformation.  Developing initiatives including: Identity Relationship Management, User Managed Access (EIC Award Winner for Innovation in Information Security 2014), Identities of Things, and Minimum Viable Consent Receipt, Kantara Initiative connects a global, open, and transparent leadership community. Luminaries from organizations including: CA Technologies, Experian, ForgeRock, IEEE-SA, Internet Society, Nomura Research Institute, Radiant Logic and SecureKey drive strategic insights to progress the transformational elements needed to leverage borderless Identity for IoT, access control, context, and consent.


The Data Processing Center (DPC) of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been operating since 1974. In accordance with legislation, DPC provides the activity of the National Certification Services Center (root certification authority) for issuing qualified electronic signature certificates for citizens, legal entities and governing bodies. DPC has international quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 and certificate ISO 27001:2013 on Information Security Management System. The organization has received the status of Silver Partner of Microsoft Corporation on integration in year 2015. 

United States

The SAFE-BioPharma® Digital Identity and Signature Standard was started by the biopharmaceutical industry to speed its transformation to a fully electronic environment. It is the sole global identity and signature standard serving the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Every SAFE-BioPharma digital identity is uniquely linked to the subscriber’s proven identity.

Using the SAFE-BioPharma standard...

  • provides interoperability with federal agencies, other companies and other industries

  • provides a secure, enforceable, and regulatory-compliant way to verify digital identities and to apply digital signatures in electronic transactions. Compliant with EU/EMA requirements for digital signatures.

  • greens the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries by eliminating hidden waste associated with paper

  • improves business processes

  • is 21CFR Part 11 compliant

  • meets US Department of Commerce and EU SAFE Harbor requirements for protection of personal data

  • mitigates legal, regulatory and other business risk associated with electronic transactions


SAFE-BioPharma digital signatures are more secure and useful than simple electronic signatures…

  • ensure a single, unique identity is tightly bound to the digital signature

  • provide document integrity – any change in the document invalidates the signature

  • include contract-based legal framework for global legal enforceability

  • recognized by FDA and EMA

  • legally enforceable, non-repudiable, instantly auditable

  • create a permanent record of the date and time the signature was applied

  • valid for the life of the document

  • compatible with electronic workflows


SK ID Solution AS (SK) was founded in 2001 and is Estonia's primary and currently the only certification authority (CA).

Its main businesses are:

  • offering certification and time-stamping service;

  • offering mobile identity solutions Smart-ID and Mobile ID

  • developing technology and applications for digital signing;

  • offering validation services.

  • Tachograph services


As the partner of the Estonian state, SK issues certificates for authentication and digital signing to national identity documents (ID-card, Mobile-ID, Digi-ID, residence permit card and e-resident's Digi-ID). SK is a qualified trust service provider and fulfills the requirements defined in eIDAS regulation to provide electronic time stamps, electronic signatures, and electronic seals.

Starting from 2017 SK also issues the new generation electronic identity - Smart-ID. The solution is developed to use conveniently on smart devices, while still keeping high level of security. Smart-ID is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate customers online. Smart-ID utilizes the user's smart device as the tool for user authentication and electronic signing. Smart-ID can be used simply on a modern smartphone or a tablet, no special SIM-cards or card-readers are needed. https://www.smart-id.com

SK has developed necessary software for using ID-card, including DigiDoc software, which enables to give digital signatures, check the validity of signatures and encrypt data.


Signicat is the market leader in the provision of Digital Identity Assurance Services providing regulated markets with the ability to create mutual trust with on-line customers, enabling frictionless digital customer on-boarding. Processing over 100 million digital identity service validations each year, the Signicat platform provides a uniquely versatile ID validation solution with cross-border coverage fully integrated into business processes.

Signicat makes it simple to offer login, identification and electronic signatures for web and mobile solutions, supporting different levels of authentication depending on the customer requirements. Founded in 2007 and based in Norway, Signicat is a multi-award winning global Digital Identity Assurance solutions provider with offices in seven different countries.  


B.EST Solutions’s (Estonia-Azerbaijan Ltd) strength relies on international and domestic processes managing experience. Many of the largest e-solutions makers in Estonia and Azerbaijan have been collocated under our organization with their best practices and know-how. Today our company is going to be as the best e-solutions exporter in Estonia and Azerbaijan with widest network of companies behind the e-solutions and most important – with government support. Our clients include businesses and public sector organizations, and we focus on delivering business-supportive solutions.


ComSign was established in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Comda, a company specializing in tailoring, developing and assimilating information protection products and solutions for 25 years. Since its establishment, ComSign has acquired hundreds of entities and thousands of clients who use electronic signatures daily.



Mimshak is an independent consulting firm (the name means "interface" in Hebrew), founded in 1985.

The company was and is involved in some of the largest projects in Israel related to population registration, e-ID and online government services. This includes the analysis and transformation of the current National Population Registry system ("AVIV"), the specification of the eID project, the editing of national strategy documents and the implementation of a new Identity Management.

Since its foundation, the company is a pioneer in different initiatives and technologies on the national level.


Our company, which was established in Seattle in 2002 with the name Universal Security, moved its headquarters to Istanbul in 2008 and began offering its services with UITSEC (Universal IT Security Consulting) (http://www.uitsec.com/en) brand having 42 professional employees and producing cyber security and e-government solutions for various markets. Our engineering and consultancy company which provides many services such as application security, system – network security, e-ID, trust management, cryptography, digital forensics and corporate solution began offering its services in America, Germany, Hong Kong and UK respectively with its central office in Bebek, Istanbul and Support Office in The Paragon Plaza, Ankara.

UITSEC carrying out business with many companies in Europe and America offers consultancy, auditorship, specialization, trust management, e-government services, security test and corporate awareness training

services for the leading holdings and companies of Turkey and Middle East. UITSEC is an engineering and consultancy company offering many services such as application security, system – network security, cryptography, digital forensics and corporate solution. UITSEC gives great importance to Reliability and Privacy policies. It is a specialized company which is aware of the mportance of information and offers unique information security services.

UITSEC has made a great cooperation with Doğanlar Investment Holding

(http://doganlarholding.com.tr/MenuPageManager.aspx?mn=28), one of the biggest 20 groups of Turkey, in 2015 and gained a great momentum in terms of corporate growth. Since our establishment, we have carried out important projects and made important collaborations with many leading corporations in Turkey. To give an example, Coca-Cola, Credits-Suisse, Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Municipalities are only very few of our many important references. Our primary objectives are making product-independent technology research, producing know-how and developing cyber security and e-government focused technologies.

UITSEC is Turkish Chapter Leader of ISSA (Information System Security Association) (http://www.issa.org). It is also member of ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation) and member of AIOTI (The European

Alliance of IoT Innovation).


The BFH Centre for the Digital Society focuses on the enormous opportunities and risk-laden changes inherent in the ongoing process of digitalisation. It develops ICT solutions and concepts designed to promote the intelligent, secure and fair use of information in all sectors of business, society and politics. One of the six key research areas is identity and privacy. Working in interdisciplinary teams and in cooperation with partners from industry, administration and science, the BFH centre is developing new types of approach to limiting access and attacks and is improving the management of digital identities. The main research focus points are on aspects of security, data protection and protecting the privacy, user-friendliness and economic and legal issues.

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