The funded phase of FutureTrust has completed, but indeed FutureTrust and the go.eIDAS Community continues! Once the final deliverables have been formally accepted (in Late January 2020) they will be published on the FutureTrust website.

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FutureTrust is a nominee for eAward 2020 - Austria !


FutureTrust consists of 16 partners from 10 countries and is coordinated by the Ruhr-University, in Bochum Germany. 

FutureTrust will design and develop innovative Open Source components and services complementing the current eIDAS ecosystem


FutureTrust will show how practical eIDAS compliant applications can be constructed and utilized with the aid of the developed FutureTrust components

FutureTrust project will address the need for globally interoperable solutions through basic research with respect to the foundations of trust and trustworthiness, actively support the standardisation process in relevant areas, and provide Open Source software components and trustworthy services which will ease the use of eID and electronic signature technology in real world applications. In particular the FutureTrust project will extend the existing European Trusted List (TL) infrastructure towards a “Global Trust List”, develop a comprehensive Open Source Validation Service as well as a scalable Preservation Service for electronic signatures and seals and will provide components for the eID-based application for qualified certificates across borders, and for the trustworthy creation of remote signatures and seals in a mobile environment.

The FutureTrust project and invites further stakeholders to actively participate as associated partners and contribute to the development of future trust services for trustworthy global transactions.


July 29, 2019

The FutureTrust Pilots can now be demonstrated on this website.

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Welcome to FutureTrust!

Against the background of the regulation 2014/910/EU on electronic identification (eID) and trusted services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS), the FutureTrust project, which is funded within the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020) under Grant Agreement No. 700542, aims at supporting the practical implementation of the regulation in Europe and beyond.

The FutureTrust project started on June 1st 2016 and has an estimated cost of investment of 6.3 Million Euros, partially funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The FutureTrust consortium consists of 16 partners from 10 countries and is coordinated by The Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. FutureTrust will design and develop innovative Open Source components and services complementing the current eIDAS ecosystem